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Feb 20, 2013 6:00am PST
cuts. coming up, how those cuts could affect the economy right here in california. >>> right now 6:07 they want to go to sal, check in on the commute, hopefully there are no problems. >> it is better than it was yesterday when we had a little bit of rain and we are looking at the commute at the bay bridge and it is about an 8 to 10 minute delay and i am looking at my chp list which is nice. looking at the bridge itself, it is just a touch windy and nothing to be concerned about just both hands on the wheel. the winds are blowing everything out and we have a lot of clear visibility, you can see it in our traffic cameras. a little bit of slow traffics as you drive through. southbound 87 there is a minor accident on the shoulder, let's go to steve at 6:08. >> our low is near southern california into arizona, the cool cold dry area, there is a lot of 20s being reported, we had some okay rain. unfortunately we don't see any coming in any time soon. quarter of an inch exactly as advertised. quarter inch in napa, same in morgan hill, fremont a third, oakland a third, everybody is so close oc
Feb 18, 2013 6:00am PST
any cuts would hurt our economy which is in a slow recovery. president barack obama is pointing the finger at republicans and as you can guess, republicans are blaming the democrats with what they are saying in their weekly address, when i see you next, i will have more, stay tuned. >>> they are waiting for a controversial push during a time out and the coach reportedly felt he was not giving his all on the court. he later rallied, they beat ucs78-68. >>> he is scheduled to appear in court later this week. anthony lamar jones is charged with the rape and kidnap and murder of a teenager. jones is due to appear in court thursday, prosecutors say if found guilty he would be eligible for the death penalty. >>> the police department are looking forehead light darfur red light operator being -- for red light operators and they are not expected to be coming home for the busy weekend. >>> some people are worried this could cause major annoyances and talking about cell phones in flight, some are concerned about health problems. >> we do have the day off today and let's take a look at what we
Feb 18, 2013 5:00am PST
toll on our economy, and we will have more when i see you next. ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> well, cal basketball coach mike montgomery is not offering any apologies for a controversial moment on the court. he push him during -- he pushed a team player and they felt he was not giving his all on the basketball court. it is hard to say what happened during the exchange but they rallied to beat usc 76-68. >>> collin kaepernick is becoming a huge star across the country. he recently received an invitation to the grammies and many are asking him to be a special correspondent at the oscars this weekend and they all want him as a guest, his response is always the same, i would rather hit the gym. >>> they are wanted for hitting a security officers. they reportedly stole two cases of bear and then hit a van. somebody in the van fired shots at a security vehicle who ran after them. he did get the license plate number, 4w z y. >> they are looking at a controversial way to put illegal download sites out of business. they are trying to cut funding for those sites. they are in a long
Feb 20, 2013 5:00am PST
details on how this would hurt the economy including right here in california, kyla? >> reporter: california is among the top 5 states if they go into fect next friday. california could lose more than 2 5,000 jobs with the slashing of the federal budget. here is where it stands on the issue. they cannot agree on a long term spending plan and they agree there needs to be spending cuts but some want to raise taxes and the gop refuses. they get back on monday and we will have just four days to come up with a plan to avoid these automatic cuts. they are seeing a lack in business and consumer confidence. >>> waging and failing to spend now is what can lead to spending and unemployment later and difficult details later. >> reporter: we will have more with these cuts when i see you next, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> pleasant hill police have released two new sketches of two men suspected of a violent home invasion robbery the sketches show two of the three men ofof breaking into a home o wednesday drive. they hit a victim with the gun and ransacked the home and police
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4